Teachers and principals discuss during an ISP workshop
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Quality Education

The Innovative Schools Programme (ISP) aims at improving the

quality of education and educational experiences of students in Indonesia in the single most effective way possible: by improving teacher quality.

Since December 2009, the ISP has provided 330 workshops and

over 2,650 hours of training to 209 schools with over 1,400 teachers and principals 

certified by the programme having an annual impact to over 91,292 students each year.


Multilevel Workshops


International Best Practice

The ISP offers comprehensive and engaging workshops to primary and secondary school teachers. In addition we provide advanced workshops through a Training of Trainers and Alumni program.

ISP workshop trainers come from an international pool of talented teachers and principals sharing best practices in teaching methodology  within the ISP framework.

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Graduation certificate

Classroom Implementation

Professional Development

Quality Assessment

Workshops are followed up with school visits and meetings by the ISP team to support proper implementation of workshop materials and ensure  a deeper and more sustainable impact.

The program culminates with participants receiving an ISP certificate from the Department of Education that further supports advancement in their careers and compensation tiers.

The ISP yearly assesses participating schools through an on-site soft audit, portfolios review, and one-on-one interviews. Those who pass celebrate their success through a graduation ceremony.

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Innovative Pedagogy

The ISP provides 10 tailor-made workshops covering 5 modules throughout the academic year helping teachers prepare their students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world.

ISP Workshop at a primary school with SWA
ISP Graduation at Dinas Pendidikan DKI Jakarta
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Quotation marks

The teacher no longer just lectures at me, and I’m not just learning from pages of a book.  Now I know why I do what I do, and when I don’t get it, nobody thinks I’m stupid. 

Sometimes we make things out of paper, or out of blocks.  Like yesterday, we used blocks to understand the 10s digits in math.  I took my work home to show mom and dad.  They were so proud of me.

I’m really looking forward to school tomorrow because I’m the reading group leader and the book is funny.

    — Student from SDN Cilandak Barat 17, South Jakarta

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