Teachers are responsible for preparing young people to meet new challenges in a dynamic and rapidly changing world. That is why innovations in teaching practices have become essential to engaging students.

Over the last 11 cohorts, the Innovative Schools Programme (ISP) has offered 330 workshops and over 2,650 hours of training that focus on pedagogy and teaching methodology to make learning more interactive, creative, collaborative, motivating, and student-centered.

ISP workshops are followed by school visits to further support implementation of the curriculum and assess the program’s impact on the schools.

These workshops are acknowledged by the Department of Education or Jakarta Education Agency (Dinas Pendidikan) of the capital, DKI Jakarta and therefore contribute hours and credits to the fulfillment of government requirements. The ISP certificate therefore supports the career development of participating teachers and principals.

Primary &




330 engaging and interactive workshops and over 2,650 hours of training

Training of Trainers


Over the years, due to requests from schools and the Department of Education, the Innovative Schools Programme has expanded its training to encompass specific workshops for middle and high schools.

In addition, since 2017, the ISP has developed a level 200 intermediary level and a “Training of the Trainers” program for select ISP alumni teachers and principals. These engaging and comprehensive workshops include training in classroom management, inquiry-based learning, the development of higher thinking skills, and innovative teaching strategies including in language and mathematics.

To date, 77 ISP alumni have successfully completed the ISP Training of the Trainers program. This select group is then further involved in providing additional training and education initiatives for network schools in their geographical area, for the Ministry and Department of Education, and in ISP efforts such as ISP Reunions.

ISP workshops focus on improving

pedagogy and teaching methodology

Libraries & Environmental Education

Low literacy rates remain an issue in Indonesia. Most schools do not have a library or access to training for school librarians. The Innovative Schools Programme in tandem with Yayasan Emmanuel’s  Mobile Library Programme, is working with partners and schools to provide both books and librarian training to ISP schools. The goal is not just to provide access to books but to help prepare librarians within schools to support learning in the classrooms.

The ISP is also currently developing additional training modules focusing on environmental education for school children. These additional modules would complement the core ISP syllabus by training educators to teach about environmental sustainability, with a focus on marine sustainability. The goal of these workshops is to give principals and teachers the tools to empower their students to become more mindful and responsible of their environment.

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