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The Innovative Schools Programme (ISP), part of Yayasan Emmanuel (Emmanuel Foundation), aims to improve the educational experiences of students in Indonesia in the single most effective way possible: by improving teacher quality.

Yayasan Emmanuel originally created the ISP in December 2009 as an extension of its EduNation Outreach Programme (previously the YE Outreach Programme). Since 2001, the EduNation Outreach Programme ensured access to education to over 18,000 disadvantaged and marginalized students located in over 500 schools in DKI Jakarta and West Java provinces.

Through the EduNation Outreach Programme, our team became concerned about the current state of education in both public and private schools. Since the EduNation Outreach Programme invests in up to twelve years of education for students, we decided to raise pedagogical standards to improve student outcomes.

We developed the ISP curriculum after a thorough needs assessment of the schools and students we have worked with over the years. Together with our initial partner, Sinarmas World Academy (SWA), the ISP was officially launched and the first ISP workshops were delivered in 2010 to two pilot schools.

1,400 Teachers have graduated from the ISP impacting over 91,292 students each year


At its core, the Innovative Schools Programme is service oriented. Like its parent organization, Yayasan Emmanuel, the ISP’s vision, operations and ongoing development is built around the delivery of high quality educational services to schools in Indonesia.

We believe that true service comes with no strings attached, with no expectation of reward or recognition for service rendered.  For this reason, the ISP has for the last fifteen years shunned the limelight, doing its work with no thought for recognition or appreciation from the government or other parties. While this may appear idealistic,  naïve or unrealistic, we believe that there is no other way to truly have a systemic impact in education.

The ISP remains focused on our vision of a vastly improved quality of pedagogy in Indonesia so that students throughout the country can reap the benefits of a more innovative, engaging and student-focused education.


We are extremely grateful to our partners and sponsors without whom this programme would not have been possible.

Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) helped Yayasan Emmanuel launch the initial pilot phase of the Innovative Schools Programme in 2009 with workshops for elementary schools.

Four years later, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) joined the ISP and has since become an invaluable partner in helping to launch the first ever ISP High School Workshops and ISP Reunion in 2019.

Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta (MISJ) partnered with the ISP in 2016, and they were joined in the following year by Mentari Intercultural School Bintaro (MISB). Together they worked with the ISP to trail-blaze workshops for Middle Schools and spearhead the Training-of-Trainers initiative.

In 2017, select schools from the Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) helped the ISP provide workshops for primary schools.

Since the ISP launched in 2009, the Department of Education of DKI Jakarta or Jakarta Education Agency (Dinas Pendidikan DKI Jakarta) has both acknowledged and provided continuous support for the programme.

Finally, the ISP wishes to acknowledge the crucial support that UBS, our sponsor, has generously given the programme since its inception. Thanks to UBS’ financial aid, the ISP has been able to grow and develop significantly over the years.

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